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NBA Value Cheat Sheet | 11/1

NBA Value Sheet | 11/1

November 1, 2021 by Dylan Bell

Welcome to the NBA value cheat sheet for 11/1. The value cheat sheet outlines the best value plays on the slate with projections and markings signifying the value plays that I am personally prioritizing getting into my lineups on this slate. Content will be updated throughout the day leading up to slate lock.

11/1 Value Sheet:

Value Notes:

There’s a ton of value on this slate and plenty of ways to go with your spend downs. While I think every player in the cheat sheet is a viable value play, the ones I am personally prioritizing getting into my lineups are Andre Drummond and Chris Boucher. Those two are the S tier for me. Right below those guys I have Dalano Blanton, Steven Adams and Isaiah Hartenstein to finish off my priority values. But like I said, every value on the sheet is viable, the green check marks are just the ones I am personally prioritizing.

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