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NBA First Look | 10/26

NBA First Look | 10/26

October 26, 2021 by Dylan Bell

Welcome to the NBA 10/26 First Look! To kick off every weekday slate throughout the season I will be going over a few players who stand out to me after a first look. Make sure you never miss the article by joining our free DFS newsletter!

10/26 Picks:

Dejounte Murray, PG

DK : $7,300 | FD: $7,800

Analysis: Dejounte Murray has been balling out so far this season. He’s taking 14-18 shots per game, he has 6+ assist every game and 6+ rebounds every game. He also has 7 steals through the first 3 games. I love targeting guys who contribute all around the floor like Murray because they rarely kill you. Even if Murray doesn’t have a great shooting night, he can get you there with the peripheral stats.

Russell Westbrook, PG

DK : $9,000 | FD: $9,100

Analysis: I’ve avoided Westbrook since his horrific Lakers debut where he put up just 18.25 DraftKings points. Now that he has 2 solid games under his belt, scoring 47 & 46 DK points, I’m comfortable going back to him. Over the last 2 games Russ has recorded 11 rebounds once and 13 assist once. He has shown that he still has the nightly triple-double upside with the Lakers and $9k is just too cheap for that. If Russ keeps putting up assist and rebound numbers like we’ve seen over the last 2 games his price is going to creep up closer to $10k like we’ve seen over the years. This is a nice spot to get a discount on him.

Seth Curry, SG

DK : $5,900 | FD: $5,500

Analysis: Curry is getting a lot ton of playing time for the Sixers without Ben Simmons. He has logged 34 and 36 minutes over the last 2 games. He has also put up 36 and 41 DraftKings points in those 2 games. As long as Curry is getting minutes like he is right now at a fair price, I’m going to have interest in GPP’s. I wouldn’t recommend him in cash because he is a scoring reliant player that can kill your lineup if he has a bad shooting night, but fire him up in tournaments for his upside.

Julius Randle, PF/C

DK : $9,500 | FD: $9,700

Analysis: The price on Randle just doesn’t make sense to me. He got a price bump, but it isn’t enough. Randle should be a $10k+ player. In 3 games so far this season he has 2 60+ DK point performances. He has a massive usage rate in the Knicks offense and is going to play a TON of minutes in competitive games. The one worry I would have is foul trouble going against Embiid, but I’m not letting that scare me off of Randle at such a great price.

Carmelo Anthony, PF

DK : $5,200 | FD: $4,900

Analysis: Carmelo is another guy I like in tournaments for the scoring upside. As long as Ellington, Nunn and Ariza are out, Melo should be locked in at 25+ minutes and 10-15 shot attempts per game. He is fairly scoring dependent so I would stay away in cash, but when Melo is hitting his shots he has a lot of upside in GPP’s at this price.

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Jakob Poeltl, C

DK : $5,600 | FD: $6,800

Analysis: Poeltl is just too cheap on DraftKings for the upside that he brings. He’s hit 5x value at this price in all 3 games this season, and has hit 6-7x value at this price in 2/3 games. I like continuing to go back to Jakob until his price is right.

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