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NBA First Look | 10/20

NBA First Look | 10/20

October 19, 2021 by Dylan Bell

Welcome to the NBA 10/20 First Look! To kick off every weekday slate throughout the season I will be going over a few players who stand out to me after a first look. Make sure you never miss the article by joining our free DFS newsletter!

10/20 Picks:

Damian Lillard, PG

DK : $10,100 | FD: $10,000

Analysis: Starting at the very top at PG with Damian Lillard. This is the the highest projected total on the slate. We always love targeting the top scorers like Lillard in high total games that are going back and forth. Lillard is gonna take 20+ shots a game, he’s gonna rackup a bunch of assist. You all know how good he is. There’s not much I need to say.

LaMelo Ball, PG

DK : $7,700| FD: $7,600

Analysis: Next up I’m going with the reigning RoTY in LaMelo Ball. The price tag is just a little too cheap for LaMelo to start the season. This is a guy we seen jump up into the mid-high $8k range in his rookie year. He’s a guy who showed 45-50 DK point upside numerous times last season. LaMelo can get you there a lot of ways. He scoress, he gets assist, he gets rebounds, steals, everything. I love targeting all around players like LaMelo who wont kill me just because they’re having a bad shooting night. LaMelo is just too cheap.

Fred VanVleet, SG

DK : $7,500 | FD: $8,800

Analysis: VanVleet is another guy that is just too cheap. I targeted VanVleet over and over again when Kyle Lowry or another high usage player on Toronto was out last season and it won me a lot of money. When VanVleet gets high usage he has insane upside and he’s one of my all around favorite DFS plays. With Lowry leaving we should see a 30%+ usage from VanVleet and he will be one of my favorite plays every slate at this price. Not to mention this is a great high paced matchup against Washington.

Tyrese Maxey, PG

DK : $4,000 | FD: $4,600

Analysis: With the whole Ben Simmons debacle going on, Tyrese Maxey finds himself in an amazing spot. No Ben Simmons, no Shake Milton. Maxey is in a position to play 30+ minutes as a starting point guard at only $4k. Maxey has always been a decent point per minute guy that we’ve targeted as a value when he gets the opportunities. He’s in position to smash the $4k price tag and you will only see his price go up if he continues to start and see a lot of opportunity.

Brandon Ingram, SF

DK : $7,700 | FD: $8,400

Analysis: Moving onto one of the more consistent options from last season. I like Brandon Ingram a lot with Zion Williamson out after having foot surgery. With Zion out Brandon Ingram will have all the usage in the world in this game and will be taking as many shots as he can handle. He’s a guy who has shown 45-50 DK point upside and with the usage bump he only becomes a better play.

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Domantas Sabonis, PF

DK : $9,800 | FD: $9,700

Analysis: Sabonis is a beautiful man and he’s one of my favorite players and DFS targets for every single slate that he’s on. He dominated last season and really proved himself as one of the leagues best players. Sabonis is a guy who has shown he can produce a consistent 50+ DK point performance with the upside of a triple double and 75+ point performance every time he steps on the floor. This is a great matchup vs the Hornets and Sabonis is one of my favorite spend ups on the slate.

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